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SPS Stadia + Arenas System Explained

SPS Technology’s Stadia + Arenas System terrace decking feels just like concrete but provides superior dynamic loading control with the added benefit of easy maintenance and will always look brand new.

The flexibility and customizable properties of SPS mean that, just like LEGO building blocks, we can explore endless creativity and construct virtually any structure! We don’t just make terraces, but stairs, aisle steps, and all types of platforms for new and existing structures.

Quinton Van Tonder explains how the SPS Stadia+Arenas System can be used in new build stadia projects, or uniquely, to revitalise existing, historic venues for generations to come.

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SPS Stadium Decking for Modern Sight Lines

How the SPS stadia decking system delivers modern Sight Lines in every venue old or new


Post #2

How to Re-Profile with SPS

SPS is the only terrace decking system that can be used to upgrade existing venues — we explain our quicker, sustainable solution


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What else does the SPS Stadia + Arenas System offer?

It’s not just stadia decking: Speed Stairs, aisle steps, VIP/ Media/ ADA platforms and cantilevered fascias complete your design with ease


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Get that team spirit! Custom colors for your venue

The SPS System can be specified in virtually any color, to enhance the spectator experience


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Exceptionally quick build times: save time and money with prefabricated components

The pre-fabricated modular SPS system is built in record time


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Safety is as important as Sight Lines

Sandwich Plate System offers built-in impact protection — from extreme weather and blast or ballistic events


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