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SPS is proud to be a part of the Delaware University Whitey Stadium renovation project. Along with architect HOK, contract manager Barton Mallow, Engineers EDiS Company and installers FEI Corporation, SPS is a part of the grand plan for rejuvenating the Whitney Athletics Centre for the Blue Hens of today and tomorrow.

In the grandstand, SPS provided the opportunity to use the existing structure and reprofile the terraces, to provide extended treads for the VIP Fan some extra comfort. SPS is lighter than concrete yet strong and doesn’t crack. The project is being completed in time for the 2019 Autumn football season and the ability to rapidly install 40-50 SPS panels per crew/shift has been advantageous. 6,000 seats has been installed in just 5 days. Such rapid installation has been aided by factory fitted mounted fasteners and pre-drilled fixing holes in the SPS terraces. The terraces have been colour matched to suit the team’s brand and easily mounted ADA platforms have also been supplied.

To watch the installation, please visit:

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