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Stadium owners, you’ve already been through your new venue’s long design and construction process, from ground-breaking to grand opening. But what happens when the bulldozers leave, and facilities managers are left with the maintenance and upkeep? What will the venue look like in 5, 10, or even 15 years? How do you keep it in excellent condition after millions of spectators have passed through your door?

A quick Google search will pull up hundreds of examples of ageing stadia, with damaged aluminum bleachers or stained concrete treads… but what does SPS look like 15 years on? Keep reading to find out!

The Longevity of SPS Stadia Decking

Every stadium will have upkeep issues – that’s inevitable – but we help managers keep that to a minimum. In fact, we expect fans to be hard on our stadium decking. You can count on SPS to retain its pristine appearance and structural integrity even after 15 years of use. The secret? The superior robustness of our structural composite compared to aluminum and concrete, as well as the innovative prefab method that goes into crafting each deck!

Addressing Maintenance Challenges in Stadiums & Arenas

Acknowledging the inevitable wear and tear of hosting millions of spectators, our team understands the challenges facilities managers face. Our aim is not just to identify these challenges but to offer proactive solutions. SPS stadia decking is designed to be easy to clean and touch up in the paint colour of your choice. If a joint seal is damaged or a cover plate comes loose, our team can help!

Ensuring the ongoing solidity of SPS stadia decking is our top priority. Our safety measures and quality assurances go beyond the surface, conducting tests to guarantee that the decking remains solid and dependable for spectators and staff members alike.

SPS Technology’s Recent Stadia Visits

In the spirit of continuous improvement, we welcome the opportunity to revisit our projects and help facilities managers with any minor problems that arise. Our recent visit to the Flushing Meadows courts, including our SPS stadia decking in both Grandstand and Court 17, truly showed the longevity of our product. The extensive tour showcased the quality of the SPS decking in Grandstand, still looking amazing after 8 years of exposure to the elements and demanding spectators. After two projects and 11 years of working at Flushing Meadows, it was a real testament to the SPS system.

We’ve also recently surveyed all of the SPS in Resorts World Arena, part of the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre. With a footfall of roughly 11 million visitors over the 15 years the SPS has been in the venue, we were proud to see how well the stadia decking has stood up to the challenge.

Nothing compares to seeing a project in the flesh!

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SPS Technology’s commitment to building quality, long-lasting and cost-effective stadia & arenas goes beyond installation – we are your partners in ensuring the ongoing success of every project. For venue owners seeking a reliable, durable and easy-to-maintain decking solution, contact the SPS Technology stadiums and arenas team today!

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