In 2016, SPS Technology was selected for the new grandstand stadium at Flushing Meadow’s USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.  In partnership with Walters Group, SPS Technology won the contract with AECOM Hunt to supply and install bleachers for the 5,800 seat grandstand. SPS was chosen for the grandstand after a successful first project on the USTA Court 17 facility in 2011.

“The SPS stadia system is one of the most accurate stadia systems we have worked with

Douglas WoodwardRA, LEED AP, Associate, Senior Designer, Rossetti
  • The design build process helped coordinate the accuracy of structural steel and eliminated unforeseen conditions.

  • The engineers at SPS helped to coordinate and resolve complex expansion joint issues which were a huge concern for our unstable site.

  • The SPS system helped to complete a complex, 16-sided stadium in an extremely limited amount of time.

  • As designers of sport venues, we especially appreciate the look of the finished system from below and above. The finish on the system is beautiful.”