SPS Technology undertook significant tank top repair aboard Docebay.

A Capesize bulk carrier, Docebay had 1,932m² [ 10,900ft²] of tank tops, hopper sides and stools reinstated using SPS. SPS Technology provided a non-disruptive repair, in a fraction of the time that would have been required for a conventional crop and renewal steel reinstatement.

Used primarily for heavyweight cargoes, including iron ore, that subject her to demanding operating conditions, ‘dishing’ of the tank top was a key concern.  The use of SPS led to more efficient cargo handling, reduced turnaround times and improved long term operational economics. Maintenance costs were reduced as a result of enhanced resistance to wear and corrosion.


“Using SPS Overlay rather than conventional crop and replace methods reduced our repair schedule by 40%.”

Atle Paulsen Superintendent V.Ships


For more information, please see our Maritime and Offshore pages as well as our YouTube video showing SPS tank top reinstatement to Allseas’ Solitaire.

Repairs to assets and vessels with Sandwich Plate System, SPS, have been delivered for nearly thirty years. Approved by major Classification Societies, the structural composite SPS brings a repair that is stronger than the original and will last the lifetime of the vessel or asset, and this SPS Repair lasted until the vessel was decommissioned. Repairs with SPS can be delivered by Cold Work (also known as No Hot Work) and low heat methods — keeping your personnel on board and project schedules safe.


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