Allseas’ chose Sandwich Plate System, SPS, as a steel renewal alternative for repairing Solitaire.

One of the largest pipelay vessels in the world, Solitaire has completed some of the most challenging projects in which heavy pipe has been laid in very deep waters. 

Fatigue and corrosion meant 550m² [5400ft²] of tank top in hold No. 6 needed to be reinstated.  After a detailed assessment of the necessary repair was carried out, Allseas opted for SPS Technology’s Sandwich Plate System instead of a conventional steel renewal repair. The project was undertaken with Lloyd’s Register Class Approval at United Stevedores in Amsterdam by our Network Partner, SRC Group

Please see our Allseas’ Solitaire Time Lapse Video, where you can see in depth how SPS is a steel renewal alternative to traditional crop and renewal methods.

Allseas’ Manager Technical Department, Quirien Grul, commented that the company was satisfied with the outcome and the professional and efficient execution of the work. “I am very pleased with the performance and will consider using [SPS] again should a similar project have to be undertaken in the future.” 

Repairs to assets and vessels with Sandwich Plate System, SPS, have been delivered for nearly thirty years. Approved by major Classification Societies, the structural composite SPS brings a repair that is stronger than the original and will last the lifetime of the vessel or asset, and this SPS Repair lasted until the vessel was decommissioned. Repairs with SPS can be delivered by Cold Work (also known as No Hot Work) and low heat methods — keeping your personnel on board and project schedules safe.


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