SPS Technology was asked to provide a permanent side shell crack repair solution to restore the integrity of a damaged area of an FPSO hull structure. 

Doublers had previously been used to provide a temporary repair of the cracks in the side shell.  The design solution was approved by DNV following  a structural assessment that included an analysis of crack growth and inspection frequency.

Sandwich Plate System restored structural integrity through the elastomer core transferring loading/stress levels from the existing plate to a new steel top plate therefore ‘bridging the cracks’.  SPS Technology Network Partner Marine Offshore Management led the small project team. 

The repair was undertaken from the inside of the hull eliminating the need for cofferdam and dive boat.  The new 12mm top plate was welded to the framing members with the SPS elastomer core injected into the resulting cavity to form the composite sandwich and deliver the side shell crack repair.

The FPSO was able to remain on-station and in production.  The repair with SPS reduced risk to personnel on board, asset structure and schedule.

Repairs to assets and vessels with Sandwich Plate System, SPS, have been delivered for nearly thirty years. Approved by major Classification Societies, the structural composite SPS brings a repair that is stronger than the original and will last the lifetime of the vessel or asset. Repairs with SPS can be delivered by Cold Work (also known as No Hot Work) and low heat methods — keeping your personnel on board and project schedules safe.


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