SPS Technology was commissioned by repeat clients, Brookfield and WSP —  who understand the lightweight and quick-build nature of the SPS structural composite — to provide composite structural panels forming both the roof of a marketing pavilion and an occupiable balcony.

In total, 147 m2 of SPS bubble-core panels were installed in 1 hour 15 minutes.

Built overnight, the reduced build time allowed less interruption of train services directly beneath the site and meant the contractors didn’t need to purchase additional railway overnight possessions. Additionally, the SPS panels could carry the load of the roofing soleil cantilevering out over the footpath, bringing branding to the attention of passers-by.  The suitability of SPS extended itself to the fast attachment of second fix architectural elements and balustrading, saving even more time and money. 

In the Spring of 2021, the marketing suite was converted to a bar/restaurant and the environmentally sustainable panels were affordably modified to accommodate the change of use.

A YouTube video detailing the construction of the Principal Place Pavilion, London is available.



SPS Technology collaborates and innovates with our clients to solve unusual challenges with our structural composite, SPS.  Sandwich Plate System is prefabricated using 3D & BIM modelling and arrives to site with fixing holes already drilled and finishes already applied. SPS is available in any RAL colour to suit your project, and can be lifted into place quickly with lighter cranes.

SPS is also a sustainable product, with its constituent parts — steel or aluminium faceplates and the Elastocore elastomer core — both recyclable.

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