SPS Technology has undertaken vessel strengthening and repair on over 30 of P&O’s vessels.

‘The use of SPS for these repairs was perfect, as on a couple of the vessels the repair areas were between the bulkhead and deck with pipes and drains littering the area and making access difficult.  SPS is the most efficient repair method for these vessels.  The SPS team had to carefully plan injections and process control as the temperature was colder than we would have liked.’

Hans Pronk, P & O Ferries’ Technical Operations Manager

Here’s a sample of some of the repairs we’ve done for P & O Ferries:

Pride of Bruges
  • Work undertaken by SPS licensee, SRC Estonia, in 2019
  • 6th SPS programme of work on Pride of Bruges
  • 55m2 of deck repaired whilst vessel in-service on scheduled route between Hull and Rotterdam
  • Completed in just 12 days
Pride of Canterbury, Pride of York, Pride of Burgundy and Pride of Bruges
  • 916m2 steel reinstatement on four P&O vessels between January and March 2017
  • Pride of Canterbury, Pride of York, Pride of Burgundy and Pride of Bruges at Remontowa Shiprepair Yard, Gdansk, Poland
  • Multiple areas needed reinstatement on each vessel
  • No modifications to the below deck structure
  • Adjacent piped and electrical services not disrupted

More information about how SPS was used to repair and strengthen in-service Carnival Cruise ship, Queen Mary 2 here.

Repairs to assets and vessels with Sandwich Plate System, SPS, have been delivered for nearly thirty years. Approved by major Classification Societies, the structural composite SPS brings a repair that is stronger than the original and will last the lifetime of the vessel or asset, and this SPS Repair lasted until the vessel was decommissioned. Repairs with SPS can be delivered by Cold Work (also known as No Hot Work) and low heat methods — keeping your personnel on board and project schedules safe.


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