To date, Sandwich Plate System has been used to upgrade 25no Offshore Support Vessels, with a combined area of over 3800 m² [40,900 ft²].

Using SPS to upgrade Offshore Support Vessel working decks delivers:

  • Removal of wooden sheathing improves drainage and impedes deck corrosion
  • Superior impact, puncture and wear resistance giving added protection to below deck spaces
  • Zero through-life maintenance costs
  • Faster solution to ‘crop and replace’ with minimal disruption to the existing structure and service runs.

OSVs have large exposed working decks which are traditionally timber clad. Timber’s susceptibility to damage and quick deterioration, combined with mounting maintenance and replacement costs, make it less suitable in the long-term. Water trapped under the timber accelerates corrosion of the steel deck plating. If left unchecked, this can affect the integrity of the deck structure and cause premature weakening and perforation, triggering the need for unscheduled repair.

SPS provides an excellent way to reinstate and upgrade OSV working decks that strengthens and significantly increases the impact resistance, with no structural changes to the deck. The process does not involve any intrusive steelwork; it is all carried out on the open deck, with no disruption to internal spaces or service runs. The addition of a suitable coating means limited through life maintenance. SPS installation uses standard steel working techniques.

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Repairs to assets and vessels with Sandwich Plate System, SPS are approved by all major Classification Societies. The structural composite SPS brings a repair that is stronger than the original and will last the lifetime of the vessel or asset.

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