SPS modular bridge deck panels were specified as a replacement to an ageing concrete bridge deck in Germany.

Renovation of Mettlach Bridge over the Saar River in Germany, was carried out by Eiffel Deutschland Stahltechnologie (EDS) using prefabricated SPS panels to replace the existing concrete bridge deck.  Use of SPS deck panels reduced the deck weight by 300 tonnes, allowing load restrictions on the new bridge deck to be lifted compared to the aging bridge. Works were completed within four months. 

The project was recognised with a Distinction in the 2015 Ulrich Finsterwalder Structural Engineering Awards. A great collection of information about this historic bridge restoration can be found on Structurae’s Mettlach Bridge page, which includes more photos as well as technical papers about the build.

EDS is now SEH Engineering, and are an SPS Technology Network Partner.

SPS Technology Bridges offer lighter, high-precision prefabricated components for all of your new and reinstatement bridge projects. Built for a 100+ year design life, SPS provides a cost-effective, strong, durable and safe alternative to reinforced concrete.  Our team is experienced in vehicular and pedestrian bridges.

Architecturally versatile, SPS is adaptable to multiple configurations — cambered girders, constant cross-section and vertical or horizontal curves. A variety of material options and wearing surfaces increase SPS’s versatility.

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