Working with our Network Partner, SEH Engineering, SPS Technology undertook the in-situ bridge repair of the existing Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge, which included the addition of a pedestrian walkway. 

Locally known as ‘Pont Rouge’, the bridge serves as the main arterial route into the city centre and it was imperative to keep the bridge fully operational throughout the project, as bridge closure would have put too much pressure on other routes into the city.

Pont Rouge was transformed from a six lane vehicular bridge to a modern day mixed-use link to better serve the city community more sustainably and employing over 7,146m² [76,919 ft²] of Sandwich Plate System.  The bridge now accommodates four SPS-strengthened vehicle lanes and two newly installed tram lines. In addition, by improving the bridge construction, a two-way cycle lane and pedestrian walkways on either side have also been provided on the newly installed SPS panels, .


SPS is not only stronger and less expensive than most other carriageway decks, but it is also capable of reducing bridge weight considerably.

Christof Greiser-Schmitz, BASF

SPS Technology Bridges offer lighter, high-precision prefabricated components for all of your new and reinstatement bridge projects. Built for a 100+ year design life, SPS provides a cost-effective, strong, durable and safe alternative to reinforced concrete.  Our team is experienced in vehicular and pedestrian bridges.

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