Sandwich Plate System is ideal for dropped object protection as SPS has an inherent ability to absorb and spread the load from falling objects, whether on a vessel, asset or in a building.

For this offshore project, SPS Technology developed a modular 1,014m² [11,000 ft²] resistant crash deck for an in-service tension leg platform.  The deck needed to increase the impact resistance of the structure and resist dropped object loads without penetration or damage.  The simple SPS deck protection system comprises just three different interchangeable prefabricated modular units – hatch covers, transverse deck panels and edge deck panels.   The units comprised an SPS plate welded to a collapsible steel frame to maximimise energy absorption.

As a “Lego” system for the offshore industry, damaged dropped object protection panels are replaced quickly with minimal disruption to everyday operations.  The components are easily transported and fitted with light lifting equipment.


SPS Technology demonstrated excellent professionalism throughout the project. The project was delivered with perfect safety and quality values. It is the top performing vendor on my list

Ms Jagjit Kaur. PMP Topsides Engineering Manager, TMJV.


Deck design parameters – the impact deck met the following specifications – energy absorption capability of 765 kJ which is associated with a 3 T basket dropped at a height of 26m [85ft] above the deck.  It also had to resist the operating service loads from a 55 T guideline winch skid and a 100 T blowout preventer.  The deck could be no higher than 300mm with a maximum weight of 135 tonnes and had to be removable. 

Sandwich Plate System does not crack, spall, separate or rupture. SPS can help secure assets against a high-energy event without fitting additional protective materials, which add cost, weight and complexity. Our YouTube channel shows testing of:

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