SPS Technology was retained to design an impact-resistant deck to protect an existing floor from damage due to a falling object. The protection deck is intended to resist penetration and to absorb and distribute the impact load of a 1.6 tonne object dropped from a height of 50m at an impact velocity of 31.3 m/s with 810 kJ of kinetic energy. Three design variations were developed and presented for consideration through a process of 3D modelling, finite element analysis and physical testing.

All versions of the SPS protection deck consisted of an SPS panel to resist penetration of the impact object; collapsible elements to convert kinetic energy to plastic strain energy; and a base to distribute the remaining force to the floor. The three arrangements were assessed and optimised: a two-layer system using wide flange shapes, a three-layer system using channels and wide flange shapes, and a uniform honeycomb system.

Of the proposed options, the honeycomb protection deck system was the most effective in reducing the load on the floor and therefore became the preferred alternative.