Designed in conjunction with US Bridge, the 157 foot [48 metre] long footbridge, part of Seattle’s waterfront redevelopment at Colman Dock, saw SPS deck panels utilised to give Seattle residents the ability to walk from downtown onto a ferry without having to cross heavy local traffic. The ferry is a key connection for commuters from local islands as well as a hub for visitors to Victoria, British Columbia and San Juan Islands. 

The SPS deck panels were delivered to the bridge fabricators on one truck, with a lightweight surface pre-applied.  The complete bridge was shipped by barge to Colman Dock and lifted into position by a 250,000 lb crane before being bolted down in just 35 minutes.

SPS Technology Bridges offer lighter, high-precision prefabricated components for all of your new and reinstatement bridge projects. Built for a 100+ year design life, SPS provides a cost-effective, strong, durable and safe alternative to reinforced concrete.  Our team is experienced in vehicular and pedestrian bridges.

Architecturally versatile, SPS is adaptable to multiple configurations — cambered girders, constant cross-section and vertical or horizontal curves. A variety of material options and wearing surfaces increase SPS’s versatility.

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