SPS Technology has provided clean room floors for a major international semi-conductor manufacturer in multiple facilities.

Used as an alternative to reinforced and cast-in-place concrete, heavy steel or stiffened aluminium panels, which are prone to deformation, SPS structural composite panels offer a superior high-performance, lightweight floor system with inbuilt impact resistance, noise and vibration damping and thermal insulation. 

They are capable of withstanding a 7-tonne point load on a 50cm² (7 3/4 in²) panel — in other words, they become immediate load-carrying platforms for forklifts to drive on —  but are still light enough for one person to lift. 

SPS Technology is building a strong global track record of using SPS structural composite panels to solve the unique challenges of clean room floors, including installations in leading semiconductor manufacturers’ facilities. SPS ‘pop-out’ panels are fully removable offering access to below floor spaces. The panels were designed and installed as cover plates for access ports located on an extremely low vibration waffle floor system. SPS floor panels offer a lightweight alternative to conventional solutions — our largest panel weighs approximately 13kg/28lbs, against nearly 43 kgs/ 95lbs for a traditional material —  and are simple to install or remove as required using, for example, standard suction cups with handles. 

These unique panels are maintenance-free and fully recyclable. SPS pop-out panels can be manufactured to any required size or geometry, with load carrying capacities designed to meet your requirements. 


SPS Technology has over twenty years of experience and research-backed innovation across all of our sectors. Our structural composite panel, SPS, is a strong, lightweight alternative to concrete and stiffened steel for Buildings, Bridges and other Special Applications.

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