United Launch Alliance, America’s Ride to Space, chose SPS for the structural flooring panels on the top three levels of a Crew Access Tower at Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The SPS product offers an ultra slim deck at 1¼” (3.18cm) thick that is structurally composite with the steel framing of the tower; the panels also offer sound damping and assist in vibration reduction.  SPS is a lightweight alternative to other typical structural decking options weighing just 20 psf, with an expected 75 year service life.

The SPS panels offer a level of durability and protection not achievable with traditional materials and have been tested against cellulosic, hydrocarbon and jet fires.  They have an A60, H120 and J60 fire rating and offer protection against extreme oil and gas fires.  SPS absorbs blast energy and preserves structural integrity.

United Launch Alliance (ULA) brings together two of the launch industry’s most experienced and successful teams –Atlas and Delta – to provide reliable, cost-effective space launch services for the US Government.

David Glover, CEO, SPS Technology, “As these projects don’t come around very often, it is gratifying that SPS was selected.  This structural material has been tested for thousands of hours and we know that it will provide the acoustic and vibration damping and strength required by the structure.”