A pedestrian footbridge was needed at the Salinas Sports Complex as the California Rodeo’s popularity has grown. The complex has struggled with accommodating the increasing number of spectators at what is now the largest professional rodeo in the state.

Existing seating for the annual California Rodeo Salinas is located on all sides of the arena with the largest group in the West Grandstand – this new pedestrian bridge connects the West and South Grandstands, allowing attendees to cross over the track easily. The arched pedestrian bridge stretches to 25ft [7.6 metres] high and spans 224ft [68 metres] across the south end of the track that surrounds the rodeo arena and provides much improved convenience and safety for both fans and track activities.

The prefabricated, modular nature of SPS bridge deck panels means they are easily set in place with a standard crane, and save time and money. SPS Technology has successfully completed a growing number of pedestrian footbridges, including Colman Docks in Seattle.

Built by SPS Technology network partner, Southern Bleacher, the bridge incorporates SPS panels in its bridge deck. Adaptable to many finishes, the SPS deck is covered in timber, in keeping with other parts of the complex. The bridge is opening for the 111th celebration of the California Rodeo Salinas in 2021.