Structural composite Sandwich Plate System is an ideal bridge deck replacement, due to its virtually infinite fatigue life

The Dawson Bridge is a 100 year old, six-span truss bridge that forms an important link running through the centre of Edmonton, Canada, creating an important link to North Saskatchewan. The structure had weakened with age and a load limit had been imposed. The existing deck was a combination of concrete and wood. Replacing the deck with concrete and removing the load limit would have required substantial strengthening of the truss superstructure.

The new bridge deck was installed in parallel with the renovation of the main trusses. The full-load capacity of the bridge was reinstated without major structural reinforcement. Each 8x 2m (26x 6ft) panel weighed 3.5 tonnes and was lifted into place using tele-handlers working from panels installed only minutes before. No in-field welding was required, with plate continuity along the bridge being created by upper and lower bolted splice plates. The deck was sealed with a Stirling Lloyd Eliminator membrane prior to application of an asphalt wearing surface.

Using SPS panels, three months were saved on the entire project schedule and the full load capacity was reinstated for this historic bridge without major structural reinforcement.


“Lightweight composite steel plate and elastomer deck surface saves months of project schedule and millions of budget.”

Modern Steel Construction, March 2011


Please view our Dawson Bridge construction video

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