Following an extensive £200m redevelopment of Ascot Racecourse in 2002-2004, it was found that the viewing sightlines were inadequate from the lower grandstand terrace at the height of Royal Ascot. SPS Technology was chosen to deliver the remedial work to improve the rake of the outdoor grandstand terraces by employing SPS immediately over the top of the terraces adjacent to the course, in both the first SPS Stadia + Arenas System project in the UK and our first re-profiling of existing grandstand terraces, or ‘over decking’ project.

Royal Ascot is one of the most significant events in the UK’s summer sporting calendar, with the traditional dress codes dictating that gentlemen wear top hats and ladies wear hats throughout the week. The redevelopment design did not allow for unimpeded views of the action on the racecourse, with racegoers on the ground between the track and terraces obscuring the view of those in the stands. The problem was further exacerbated by bookmakers’ boards and umbrellas as well as the requirement to wear hats and top hats during Royal Ascot.

Rather than employing some of the more invasive suggestions to fix the problem, such as lowering the racetrack, the design team decided to use Sandwich Plate System to re-profile the newly built concrete stands with SPS Technology’s innovative ‘over-decking’ system.

Crucial to the improvement of the terraces were:

  • Weight – the upgrade could not overload the existing foundations.
  • Speed of installation – the track was in operation with a limited winter jumping schedule while the terraces were upgraded. The installation needed to be complete before the summer season began in May.
  • Enhanced architectural finish.

Utilising 3,250m² [35,000 ft²] of SPS the rake of the grandstand terraces was increased by almost one metre, of which 2,600m2 [28,000 ft²] was continuous standing terracing in 10.5m [34.5 ft] spans supported on steel support stools. The light weight of the terracing allowed them to be built on top of the existing structure without the need for any removal.

The work was completed in four and a half months, in time for the summer season.


“There is no doubt that SPS terraces provided the right solution for our tight timetable. [SPS Technology] and its partners delivered all that we were looking for. We are impressed with the high quality finish and performance of the SPS terraces and delighted that they met with the approval of our customers at Royal Ascot this year.  With such obvious speed and quality advantages, SPS terraces must have a strong future in the stadium industry.”

                       Charles Barnett, Chief Executive, Ascot Racecourse



The technology of the SPS Stadia + Arenas System has undergone many changes and updates since this first project!  We’ve gone on to do many re-profiling projects at high-profile venues around the world, in indoor and outdoor venues. Have a look at our over-decking project at ACU Moody Coliseum, a historic indoor venue in Abilene, TX. Or have a look at an outdoor reprofiling at Delaware Stadium on Youtube