SPS Technology was honoured to be chosen to provide arena bleachers for the world-class Philippine Arena.

As of 2021, the Philippine Arena is currently the world’s largest mixed-use indoor theatre according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

For the Philippine Arena, Sandwich Plate System bleachers (terraces) account for approximately 40,000 of the 55,000 seats. The use of SPS enabled the bleachers to be installed after the roof had been completed. This key benefit offered construction schedule flexibility and cost effectiveness that could not be achieved by any other method or material available.

Lightweight, but sound deadened to feel like concrete, SPS prefabricated arena bleachers can be delivered to site and installed using smaller equipment, and do not require any wet trades on site.



SPS Technology has provided arena bleachers to a number of projects where the roof was already complete in the stadium construction. Both Climate Pledge Arena and Georgia Tech’s McCamish Pavilion re-used the existing historic roofs of their iconic stadiums for a more sustainable design solution. Uniquely, Sandwich Plate System can be used to re-profile existing venues to modernise ageing arenas sustainably.

Our YouTube channel has many videos showing the installation of SPS bleachers at such high-profile venues as University of Delaware’s Delaware Stadium, San Jose Earthquakes PayPal Park and a mock-up for the LONDON 2012 Olympics Aquatic Centre.

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