Sandwich Plate System floor panels were used for a mezzanine floor at the University of Alberta’s Innovation Centre for Engineering. The mezzanine served as a showcase for SPS, subsequently allowing the University to see other opportunities on infill sites on the campus.

Key to this trial’s success was the speed of installation, as well as the floor panel flatness, integrated details and no wet work. It was a clean, simple, proven and fast solution.

“SPS panels provided many advantages on this project. Installation was easy and took a fraction of the time required for concrete. They eliminated winter heating requirements, risk of freezing damage to finished surfaces and waste materials. Thinner panels gave more headroom than concrete. I would highly recommend SPS and SPS Technology”.

Robert S Holmes



SPS Technology has over twenty years of experience and research-backed innovation across all of our sectors. Our structural composite panel, SPS, is a strong, lightweight alternative to concrete and stiffened steel for Buildings, Bridges and other Special Applications. You can view our Secure Modular Facilities video on YouTube.

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