SPS is an in-situ repair solution which eliminates any removals

SPS is a permanent, class approved in-situ repair solution for offshore vessels and structures. SPS offshore applications include pontoons, hull, bulkheads, accommodation units and deck repairs for FPSOs, FSOs, semi-submersibles, drillships and TLPs. It is also used to provide side-shell protection to boat landing areas. Class approved permanent no hot work solutions are also available: SPS eliminates the requirement for underwater cofferdam for steel repair below water line and also eliminates the need for cofferdams and dive boats. Repairs can be undertaken in-situ, dry-dock, alongside or during transit. SPS increases fatigue life and can prevent crack initiation. In new build applications, SPS replaces stiffened steel. SPS provides inbuilt A60, H60 and J30 fire ratings and enhances ballistics, impact and blast resistance of existing structures.

  • Existing structure retained and reinforced with a new steel (aluminium, stainless steel) plate and polyurethane core resulting in a stronger, flatter surface
  • Approved by all major Classification Societies for permanent repair and strengthening of existing vessels and structures and for new build applications
  • No hot work and low heat installation methods available since 2003
  • Over 60 no hot work and low heat projects undertaken ranging in size between 1-800msq
  • SPS repairs can be undertaken while the vessel is still in-service, eliminating the need to wait for an offshore shutdown period
  • Eliminates need for cofferdam and dive boat
  • Saves considerable time and money
  • Patented technology

Typical SPS offshore applications include:

  • Pontoon reinstatement on semi-submersibles
  • Side impact protection on FPSOs
  • Strengthen helidecks, pipe decks and landing areas
  • Deck reinstatement on all platforms
  • Create blast walls
  • OSV decks reinstatement
  • Dropped object protection solutions
  • Jack-up spudcan reinforcement

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New build SPS offshore applications

SPS allows simplified, more robust structures with less welding, labour and material required. The resulting reduction in fatigue and corrosion prone details increases service-life and reduces maintenance costs.

Applications include:

  • Escape tunnel
  • Enhanced oil recovery tanks
  • Dropped object protection solutions