SPS eliminates the need to crop out existing steel

SPS is a class approved, permanent, cost effective solution that can be used to reinstate bottom plates, decks, tank tops, bulkheads. A no hot work SPS steel reinstatement method is available. Widely used for cruise ships, bulk carriers, tankers, ro-ros, general cargo ship, dredgers, barges, LNG carriers, LPG carriers, ice breakers and floating storage units. It enhances impact and ballistics resistance, provides thermal insulation, fire resistance, vibration and noise dampening and increases deck loading. It increases fatigue life and can prevent crack initiation. In new build, SPS is the alternative to conventional stiffened steel, simplifying structures and reducing through life maintenance.

  • Existing structure retained and reinforced with a new steel (aluminium, stainless steel) plate and polyurethane core resulting in a stronger, flatter surface
  • No hot work and low heat installation methods available since 2003
  • Over 60 no hot work and low heat solutions completed
  • Reduced repair times; often without taking vessels out of service
  • Approved by all major Classification Societies for permanent repair and strengthening of existing vessels and structures and for new build applications
  • Over 430 projects SPS maritime and offshore projects delivered around the world over the past 20 years
  • Patented technology

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Ship building

In ship building, SPS allows simplified, more robust structures with less welding, labour and material required. The reduction in fatigue and corrosion prone details increase service life and reduces maintenance costs

Applications include:

  • Hatch covers
  • Tank tops
  • Vehicle decks
  • Citadel access protection doors