SPS is an alternative to reinforced concrete for floors and cores

  • SPS floor are 70% lighter than concrete, permitting lighter frames and foundations
  • SPS provides diaphragm action.  SPS panels provide comparable structural capacity and stiffness to concrete floors
  • SPS floor and cores are designed to act compositely with steel frames. The all-steel bolted construction with SPS floors and cores provide excellent resistance to seismic loads 
  • SPS panels are prefabricated and highly accurate allowing faster and safer building construction to meet tight schedules
  • Thinner material allows additional floors and increases net lettable area per floor

SPS shear cores provide two key benefits:

  • Eliminate concrete above ground level
  • Thinner walls increase net lettable area

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SPS buildings

  • Space Needle, Seattle, US
  • Crew Access Tower, Cape Canaveral, US
  • 58 Victoria Embankment, London, UK
  • Birmingham New Street Station, North Access Ramp, UK
  • Daytona Hospitality Suite Walkway, US
  • Innovation Centre for Engineering, University of Alberta, Canada
  • North Terminal Interchange Extension, London Gatwick, UK
  • Carnegie Hall, New York, US
  • Weston-super-Mare Pier, UK
  • Semi-conductor manufacturing plant, Oregon, US