SPS is an alternative to reinforced concrete for bridge decks

  • SPS bridges are 70% lighter than concrete
  • Allow increased live-load capacity
  • Prefabrication allows faster and safer construction
  • Repairs can be completed without closing the bridge to traffic
  • Steel bridge deck strengthening and reinstatement can be conducted in-situ, with bridges kept open

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SPS bridges

  • Seattle Waterfront, Seattle, US
  • Roseville Bridge, Ohio, US
  • Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge, Luxemburg
  • Mettlach Bridge, Germany
  • Dawson Bridge, Edmonton, Canada
  • MA Fang Bridge, China

SPS Projects

Roseville Bridge, Ohio wins NSBA Award

A new 52’ 6” bridge, with a 100 year service life, was successfully installed in just 26 days

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Seattle Waterfront - SPS pedestrian bridge installed

An SPS pedestrian bridge measuring over 157’ long bridge has been installed as part of Seattle waterfront's re-development (Coleman Dock).

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