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Reimagining offshore repair and maintenance programmes with greater collaboration could save asset owners millions of dollars. SPS Technology’s Ian Nash has recently been speaking to Offshore Engineering and Equipment about how to reduce maintenance expenditure on offshore assets. The full article is available here >

An excerpt is here:

In recent years the offshore industry has made great strides towards recovery, with cost control and energy price revival supporting the sector’s steady, and growing resurgence. Amid this buoyant environment, additional and significant positive change is still possible through greater communication; shifting from a short to long term mindset that embraces collaboration across departments.

Great communication isn’t just about getting offshore work completed on time and to budget. When harnessed effectively it’s an integral tool that can significantly reduce expenditure, boost safety and protect the environment.While cost controls have driven savings in recent years through headcount reductions, asset stacking, and technology improvements, other measures remain available to asset owners aiming to understand and reduce overall spend. Further scrutiny of available and proven repair techniques, such as the selection and implementation of structural steel repairs – an essential part of asset remedial work – provides a significant opportunity to unlock value.

The need to generate savings from repairs is palpable in light of recent trends in the oil and gas industry. These include an inclination to stave off the decommissioning of older assets and recommission them; a process that involves considerable structural steel repair work…

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