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A smart approach to offshore repairs and maintenance

In previous months, the offshore oil market has relied heavily upon floating, storage, and offloading (FSO) units and tankers due to the wavering demand for oil affecting its price, necessitating the need for a smart approach to offshore repair and maintenance.

Our own Ian Nash  spoke with Ship & Offshore on the crucial repairs and maintenance needed to keep ageing tonnage viable, as well as how permanent composite structural steel repair solutions like Sandwich Plate System (SPS) technology can achieve this in the long-term.


At the time of writing, a range of scenarios are still possible when economic activity restarts, including another wave of Covid-19 in the second half of 2020 which would again con- strain activity and oil demand.

Against this backdrop it is vital for the owners of offshore plant and tanker assets to look at an intelligent recovery from the current crisis; one where decisions to control costs for all assets are made with a view to shifting away from outdated structural steel repairs by implementing permanent improvements to repair and maintenance regimes.

These new proven ways of working offer the opportunity for the market to re- cover quicker, while also paving the way to smarter repairs and maintenance regimes in future which save asset owners cash, while safely and efficiently extending the lifecycle of ageing assets.

Ian Nash, SPS Technology

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