Permanent Lifecycle Solution Cold Work Solution Class-approved Repairs Stiffened Steel Alternative


For a permanent, proven, class-approved offshore repair and construction solution that is designed to last the lifetime of the asset, choose SPS Technology’s Sandwich Plate System, SPS.


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Eliminating risk through cold work repair

SPS Technology is the world’s leading supplier of structural composite solutions to the offshore industry with clients including Shell, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Petrobras and BP. Through the SPS Technology Partner Network, we have experts globally experienced in repairs using SPS.

Our structural composite panel, SPS, provides a permanent, class-approved and cost-effective solution for repair and strengthening across the offshore industry. Durable and strong, SPS is an alternative to conventional stiffened steel. 

SPS is used as an in-situ solution to reinstate, strengthen, upgrade and provide superior protection on a range of offshore assets including FPSOs, FSOs, drilling rigs, semi-submersibles, fixed leg platforms, jack-ups, and OSVs. SPS Technology can deliver both hot-work and cold-work repairs.  Suitable for working in ATEX environments, an SPS Cold Work Solution can be installed with no impact to the day-to-day production of the asset. SPS Technology have successfully delivered in-service Cold Work repairs since 2003 on the FPSO INDEPENDENCE

SPS saves time and money:

  • requiring up to 90% less labour and 56% less steel than conventional techniques;
  • being up to 11x less expensive and 3x faster than a steel crop and renewal; 
  • eliminating the need for dive boats and underwater cofferdams; 
  • allowing work in adjacent areas to continue in parallel;
  • helping shorten project schedules as the structure remains intact;
  • reusing the existing corroded plating as one half of the composite; 
  • ensuring enhanced fatigue resistance and extended service life.

Please read more about improving asset life cycle costs here. SPS Technology also has a proven offering of Special Applications that can help to fortify your asset, such as citadel, impact and threat protection.

FPSO Glen Lyon Escape Tunnel

We meet international standards

SPS is approved by all major classification societies including, but not limited to, ABS, Lloyd’s Register, DNV and Bureau Veritas. Guidelines and/or Rules have been published by the majority of International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) Members for SPS uses in asset construction and repair.

As a guideline to shipowners, ship managers, shipyards or surveyors, our Surveyor’s Pack is available for download. The Surveyor’s Pack showcases how SPS Technology’s technical expertise can guide your team in meeting the requirements of any type of offshore project: new build, maintenance or repair.


Ultimately the integrity of the assets and the safety of the crew and environment — coupled with the lifespan of the asset — are the primary concerns of any asset owner/operator. SPS was designed with maritime and offshore applications specifically in mind. SPS Technology’s steel-elastomer-steel thermoset structural composite panel is a permanent structural repair and upgrade for any type of offshore asset, as well as offering advanced solutions to fire, chemical and threat protection.

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