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Achieving global net-zero targets by 2050 requires an overhaul of traditional construction methodologies, and a willingness to embrace new proven technologies that deliver greater environmental and economic efficiencies.

While innovation propels the pace of progress, it is often viewed with caution and suspicion until considered mainstream.

Our CEO, David Glover, discusses the need for embracing lesser-known proven technology, the change in mindset required and the role of the consultant in facilitating uptake, in WSP’s The Possible Magazine.

Our structural composite material, SPS (Sandwich Plate System), is a prime example of how environmental, cost and efficiency gains can be achieved by moving away from traditional construction solutions.

“What we need is less project management and more technical management. Designers are best placed to clarify where risks lie and where the boundaries can safely be pushed” – David Glover, CEO, SPS Technology

Read the full article online at The Possible Magazine.

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