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Two more SPS steel reinstatement projects have been completed by SPS licensees, SRC Estonia, and SPS Technology Ltd for P&O during January and February 2019.

The Pride of Bruges and the Pride of York, classed by Lloyd’s Register, are well known to the SPS Technology team.  These bring the number of projects for P&O and SPS to over 30.

The Pride of Bruges had 55msq of deck repaired whilst the vessel remained in-service on its scheduled route between Hull and Rotterdam.   This, the sixth SPS programme of works to have been successfully executed on the vessel, was completed in just 12 days.

During scheduled maintenance at Damen Verolme Shipyard, Rotterdam the Pride of York had 58 msq reinstated across on Decks E and F.  A second area of 17msq was addressed on the bulkhead of water ballast tank 18C.  The SPS project took just eight days.

Arron Nicholls, Chief Officer, Pride of York commented, “I would like to reiterate how pleased we were on-board the vessel with the work carried out duringa busy refit period by yourself (SPS) and SRC.  It was clear that your relationship with SRC was effective. Communication was excellent.  As the majority of the time on-board the Damen yard staff were working in the same confined areas, time management had to be perfect, and it was.”

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