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SPS Technology Partner, SRC Estonia, raised the deck height on a superyacht by 100mm to reach 5000mm ABL (minimum freeboard requirements), required by classification society, ABS.

SRC proposed that SPS be used with a double bubble core to achieve the needed height increase. The SPS solution required a no hot work installation process which suited the project team’s objective of causing as little disturbance to the vessel as possible. Perimeter bars were adhered to the deck plating using engineered structural adhesive to create the cavities into which a double layer of small plastic balls was inserted. To close the cavities, aluminium top plates were fully welded to the perimeter bars into which the elastomer core was injected to form the solid, structural composite panel.

The use of SPS to make this adaptation meant minimal disturbance to below deck spaces, services and structural fire protection insulation in the compartments adjacent and below.

Ivo Muru, who oversaw the project on behalf of SRC, commented, “This was the first time that SPS was installed with this particular combination of elements in a maritime environment; aluminium plates, double bubble core and no hot work. It was a perfect solution for the project as the installation of the SPS had no impact in other areas of the yacht cabins, corridors, ship systems, service runs and insulation, which other solutions would have caused. The project was executed in a fraction of the time of other modification solutions.”

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