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The recent installation of SPS on the Bo Hai Shi Ji, enabled the FPSO to remain in operation during vital repairs, saving time and money for owners, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC).

Our team of experts recently conducted repair work to a corroded cargo oil tank on CNOOC’s FPSO, Bo Hai Shi Ji. The inner bottom plating in the tank required a permanent repair solution that would avoid disrupting FPSO operations and causing costly time out of service. As a durable, class-approved material, which requires no-hot-work, our structural composite, Sandwich Plate System (SPS), offered the ideal structural repair and strengthening solution.

A proven alternative to traditional crop and renewal techniques, SPS has been used in the industry for decades and offers a fast, non-disruptive solution, which delivers improved strength when compared to conventional steel structures. As the corrosion occurs from the Double Bottom Water Ballast Tank, SPS was applied on the deckhead in the Water Ballast to reinstate the inner bottom plating of the Cargo Oil Tank. It is the first SPS no hot work ‘underlay’ application. With the application carried out the double bottom water ballast tank, all the cargo tank can be remained in operations while the reinstatement process is on going.

Unlike traditional steel, SPS can be installed without hot work, which enabled the Bo Hai Shi Ji to safely continue operations while repairs were completed to a cargo oil tank. SPS was installed using structural adhesives, on various portions of the inner bottom structure to reinstate the existing plating that had areas of localized corrosion. On this project, the SPS solution included a combination of pre-welded top plates, to the perimeter bars, and bonding and bolting for fixing the perimeter bars to the existing inner bottom stiffeners; elastomer was then injected into the cavities upside down.

The composite panel created by the bonding of the solid elastomer core, to the existing top and bottom plates, reinstated the strength of the structure. By using SPS as a repair solution, CNOOC not only saved valuable time and money but improved the lifetime performance of its oil cargo tank.

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