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Since 2003, our SPS Cold Work repair solution has become the most cost-competitive composite repair on the market by delivering a faster, safer, and more predictable repair schedule.

As October 2022 marked the 19th Anniversary of SPS Cold Work repairs, the SPS Technology team is celebrating the innovation of our namesake composite and all the benefits it offers to Maritime and Offshore vessel owners. Keep reading to discover more.

Offshore Repairs to Last the Test of Time

SPS Cold Work repair is a proven technology underpinned by 20 years of market experience, independent testing, and hundreds of projects in service. Rest assured, the SPS Technology composite, and our SPS Cold Work repair,  are accepted by all major classification societies and published in Class Rules and Guides.

By providing a permanent solution to maritime and offshore repair, owners can expect no further risk of corrosion to their assets, no hot work danger to personnel and enjoy a greater ROI.


Why choose SPS Cold Work Repairs?

SPS Cold Work capabilities for Maritime & Offshore assets means:

  • repairs can be carried out while the vessel is in-service, eliminating the need for drydocking
  • repairs can be undertaken in restricted or limited access areas
  • a reduction of costly downtime and schedule disruption
  • increased safety for Personnel on Board
  • the elimination of waste materials
  • there’s no need for costly cofferdams and dive boats

And the best part is that our Cold Work repairs are up to 11 times cheaper and three times faster than crop and renewal.

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With so many benefits for vessel owners and their ROI, the SPS Technology team are proud to be celebrating nearly two decades of Cold Work innovation with SPS! For a permanent, proven, class-approved offshore and ship repair solution designed to last the lifetime of the asset, enquire today here.

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