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Intelligent Structural Panel (ISP) received True Disruptor 2018 award at FCCCO Les Innovateurs Startup Competition in November 2018. WZMH, the architectural company that designed the CN Tower, is part of a consortium of companies fashioning the future of smart buildings with the introduction of the Intelligent Structural Panel (ISP).

Using SPS as the metal structural panel, the goal is to put ‘intelligence inside’ or making the fabric of the buildings smart. The think tank for the project comprises WZMH, Stephenson Engineering, Quasar Consulting Group (mechanical/electrical engineering), C3PoE (electronics) and Microsoft.

Approvals are being sought from standards and testing agencies. The next steps include a large scale, live mock-up of 3,000-10,000sqft. Go to WZMH and search Intelligent Structural Panel to see articles in Forbes, Canadian Consulting Engineer and others.

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