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A lightweight SPS bridge deck was a key component in a project to rehabilitate the historic Water Street Bridge in St Mary’s, Canada.  This 103ft long by 16ft wide bridge, originally built by the Stratford Bridge Company for $2,000 had been closed for two years due to safety concerns.  The bridge’s original deck was wooden with an asphalt wearing surface and a five ton load limit.  Winter salting had promoted corrosion of the steel super-structure and led to closure.

The project encompassed replacing the floor beams, repair and painting of the super-structure, new stringer installation with predrilled holes to faciliate rapid SPS deck installation.  A total of nine SPS bridge deck panels (8-25-8) arrived on the back of a single truck and were located in just one day using a small crane.

The SPS panels were hand welded which took just two days.

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