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SPS Technology’s Sandwich Plate System – SPS – provides lighter, high-precision prefabricated components for all your new and reinstatement bridge projects.


Pont Rouge renovation project using SPS

SPS: built for 100+ Year Design Life

SPS Technology is one of the world’s leading providers of structural composite bridge solutions, having delivered diverse and innovative projects internationally through the SPS Technology Partner Network

SPS provides a cost-effective, strong, fast, durable, and safe alternative to reinforced concrete and stiffened steel, which can be used in the extension, strengthening and reinstatement of highway and pedestrian bridge deck construction.  The SPS solution delivers a high strength-to-weight ratio, increasing live-load capacity, despite it being 70% lighter than concrete.  

Architecturally versatile, SPS is adaptable to multiple configurations – cambered girders, constant cross-section and vertical or horizontal curves. SPS can also be skewed up to 45degrees. A variety of material options and wearing surfaces increase SPS’s versatility. With an essentially infinite fatigue life, SPS panels are designed for 100+ year design life, can also be recommissioned and provide substantial sustainability advantages over concrete decks.

Faster, easier and safer construction

Manufactured offsite, prefabricated SPS bridges are faster, easier and safer to construct. Bridge deck construction with SPS is not weather dependant and brings added value by:

  • reducing truck transport;
  • reducing movements on site;
  • minimising crane sizes;
  • reducing life cycle costs with 15-25% overall net cost savings;
  • using 3D CAD & BIM coordination, allowing the deck design to integrate seamlessly with the rest of the structure.

Bridge schedules can be reduced by 50% over construction. Please see our Dawson Bridge project for more information about how this can be achieved.

Mettlach Bridge Modular Bridge Deck

We meet international standards

Repairs, reinstatement and strengthening can be completed in-situ without closing a bridge to traffic. Modular SPS bridge overlay panels are a safer bolted solution with onsite welding reduced and minimised disruption to normal operations. 

SPS is supported by over 26 years of research and development carried out in close cooperation with global independent institutions and regulators. We are experienced in retrofitting ageing bridges to be code compliant across the world. Leading research institutions in North America, Europe and Asia have completed full-scale load and fatigue testing on SPS structures with approvals received.


The concept of Sandwich Plate System (SPS) is a simple structural element with known physical properties that can be designed for use in any configuration or orientation.

The use of SPS in bridges results in lighter bridge decks that are simpler and safer to construct and built to more predictable, shorter schedules.  SPS Technology’s structural composite panels — consisting of two metal plates bonded with an elastomer core — are inherently design flexible, architecturally versatile and adaptable to multiple skew configurations. It facilitates new bridges with lighter girders, longer spans, fewer piers and reduced piling, in turn reducing total project costs and schedules. With the strength of SPS, retrofitting existing bridge decks can bring them back into code compliance, increase space below suspension bridges, and re-constitute century old historic structures for today’s use.

Selected Projects

Water Street Bridge Restoration

Water Street Bridge Restoration

Climate Pledge Arena Seattle

Climate Pledge Arena Seattle

California Rodeo Salinas Pedestrian Footbridge

California Rodeo Salinas Pedestrian Footbridge

Dawson Bridge, Canada

Dawson Bridge, Canada



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