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Structural Composites

Engineered for the 21st Century

SPS, or Sandwich Plate System, is an unrivalled composite solution backed by continuous, cross-application global testing and development. Lighter and thinner than conventional solutions, this modular structural composite is recognised as the first sustainable major advance in heavy engineering in 150 years.

As a multi-industry operation, SPS Technology solves client problems through the power of collaboration and innovation via our global offices and Partner Network worldwide.


Explore the revolutionary SPS® Sandwich Plate System and its unique applications across multiple industries


For a permanent, proven, class-approved offshore repair and construction solution that is designed to last the lifetime of the asset, choose SPS Technology’s Sandwich Plate System. An alternative to crop and renew, discover our hot and Cold Work solutions.


SPS provides lighter, high-precision prefabricated components for all your new and reinstatement bridge-related projects. The SPS solution delivers a high strength-to-weight ratio that works to increase live-load capacity, despite it being 70% lighter than concrete.

Stadiums + Arenas

Venue owners and architects need look no further than SPS Technology’s Sandwich Plate System for the cost-effective construction of stadium decking systems, terraces, vomitory walls, grandstands, platforms and other components for their Stadium + Arena needs.


SPS Technology’s Sandwich Plate System is the world’s leading permanent, class-approved shipbuilding material suitable for new build applications or as a sustainable ship repair solution. Increase your ROI whilst repairing your vessel at sea!


Reduce costs, shorten schedules and increase the commercial value of existing and new buildings simply, quickly and sustainably with SPS Technology’s lightweight and prefabricated modular building solutions. Simplify on-site building with SPS!

Special Applications

Highly impact-resistant, SPS withstands extreme loads and absorbs impact energy without cracking or rupturing. Compression, impact, flexure and permeability issues in traditional materials are solved with our transformational composite, SPS.