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Stadiums + Arenas

SPS: pre-fabricated, modular solutions for building and renovating Stadiums, Arenas & Theatres.


SPS: a lighter composite alternative for refurbishment, new and modular building.


SPS: for the construction, extension and strengthening of highway and pedestrian bridge decks.


SPS: an efficient, class-approved composite ship building and repair material for use across the maritime industry.


SPS: the world’s leading provider of structural composite solutions to the offshore industry.

Special Applications

SPS: Innovative solutions for clean rooms, damping, impact resistance and blast, ballistics and fire protection.

Explore our pioneering SPS® system

At SPS Technology, we solve clients’ problems through the power of collaboration and innovation, via our global offices and production facilities in Europe, North America and Asia. Across all of our growing number of sectors, the Sandwich Plate System (SPS) product has developed into one of the world’s unrivalled composite solutions backed up by continuous, cross-application global testing and development.

Our modular structural composite is recognised as the first sustainable major advance in heavy engineering in 150 years. A structural load bearing plate — consisting of two metal plates bonded with Elastocore®, manufactured by partner BASF — SPS is lighter and thinner than conventional solutions such as reinforced concrete.

SPS structural composite panels:

  • simplify and lighten structure;
  • are prefabricated and modular;
  • are sustainable: fully recyclable and reusable;
  • reduce vulnerability to fatigue and corrosion;
  • enhance the damping characteristics of the structure, improving vibration and acoustic performance;
  • withstand extreme loads and absorb impact energy efficiently without cracking, spalling, separation or rupturing;
  • eliminate the stiffening elements required in conventional steel construction;
  • are impermeable to hydrocarbons and cannot absorb any chemicals, so will not degrade, react with or contaminate other substances.

The solid elastomer core provides continuous support to the faceplates, prevents local buckling, and transfers sufficient shear between the faceplates such that their full plastic capacity can be reached in tension, compression, shear, bending, and any combination thereof.

Latest news

SPS Technology: Innovation and Collaboration

SPS has been used internationally in the maritime, offshore and civil markets for over twenty years. We also collaborate with a range of expert bodies, leading universities, academic institutions, authorities and regulators across the world, including classification societies such as Lloyd’s Register, UL and ICC.  With our strong global network of partners, SPS Technology is always finding innovative uses for SPS.

As a Cold Work solution, SPS continues to be the best alternative to traditional welded solutions in the shipbuilding and oil industries and our composite structural panels now also have a successful track-record of use in:

  • stadium bleachers
  • bridge reinstatement
  • modular buildings
  • clean room floors and walls
  • and threat protection

All SPS panels have an extended fatigue life in comparison to traditional materials. Fully recyclable and reusable, SPS is a more environmentally sustainable solution.

Our history

SPS was developed in the late 1990s at Canada’s Carleton University in response to protecting offshore structures in the Beaufort Sea from impact damage due to ice sheet loads. The solution was a steel-elastomer-steel composite panel, with a high strength-to-weight ratio and durability that would enable the offshore structures to withstand the heavy loads. We have stayed true to our unique design heritage in the offshore industry while forging into specialist markets by expanding our team of industry experts, an approach that has enabled us to develop new products for SPS while continually innovating across all of our growing number of sectors.